Document Shipment Profiles.
Measure Cargo Dimensions.
Capture Load Factors.

Charge What You Operate.
Avoid Revenue Leakage.
Increase Profits.

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The dimensioning solution targets logistics businesses. Focus is on documenting and managing shipment profiles: cargo dimensions, cargo shapes including stackability, exceptions and extra (chargeable) activities beyond the standard service levels. In addition, our solution can capture the load factor of a freight space (for example trucks).

We pragmatically solve business challenges at low cost with a great and fast ROI:

  • Tailored for logistics businesses
  • Focus on business benefits & best ROI
  • Low cost (starts at 1400 Euro per site and year)
  • Mobile solution that fits in a pocket
  • Scalable & easy to use
  • Syncs warehouse & office operations
  • End-to-end process (capture to bill)
  • Customizable parameters & geographical levels
  • Implementation within days
  • Optional customer system integration

We are happy to answer all your questions & provide you with a demo.

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About us
We are a team of logistics experts who resolve logistics industry challenges with affordable and pragmatic solutions that create business value.

Our Swiss founder, Urs Bruellhardt, spent 30 years with global logistics industry leaders covering operational and senior management positions across road, air and ocean freight.

Today in logistics, the capture, quality, exchange and analytics of data is as important as the physical transport of cargo.

With, we offer simple and cost-efficient solutions to resolve process, data and cost challenges in the logistics industry.

On our platform we offer additional transformation services to increase profits, customer experience and employee engagement with focus on the logistics and service industry.

Dimensioning Solutions - Solving the logistics providers challenge is the only end-to-end (e2e) dimensioning solution in the market enabling logistics providers to truly charge what they operate.

Correctly bill
your customers

Only correct shipment profiles and all activities should be charged to the freight payer.

based on correct
cargo profiles

For a significant number of shipments, shippers provide no or wrong shipment profile information.

with a lean

Many logistics providers have no proper solution to systematically check shipment profiles - dimensions, stackability, shape, exceptions, extra activities.

to avoid
revenue leakage!

This leads to significant revenue leakage in the logistics industry.

Dimensioning Solutions - Push and E2E Version offers two dimensioning solutions at 80% less cost (process & equipment) than competition for logistics providers and shippers:
A lean push solution and an e2e (process) solution.

e2e solution
to :
Push solution
to :

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Compliant shipping and correct invoicing

Transport Management System (TMS)
Customer System

Share shipment data with DimCheck

Assess dimensioning results/ deviations and update customer systems

DimCheck Analysis Suite

Apply algorithms to identify shipments to be checked & generate tasks for warehouse

Capture Shipment Profiles – dimensions, stackability, shape, exceptions, extra activities

DimCheck Mobile Devices

Access tasks and/or customer lists with a mobile device

Transport Management System (TMS)
Customer System

DimCheck Analysis Suite

DimCheck Mobile Devices

Dimensioning Solutions - Market positioning

The dimensioning solutions convince with competitive advantages around cost, scalability, e2e process coverage, customization, mobility and scalability.

Business Requirements Existing technology solutions
for large cargo items
Support capturing cargo dimensions of any size (focus on large cargo items)
Operate at very low equipment and process cost
End-to-end digitalized process
Reflect customer specific business rules
(only dimension / check shipments that require it)
Ensure efficient process in (congested) warehouses (mobile solution with no detours)
Scale solution for high volumes in peak times and operate multiple dimensioning sets in parallel

Are business requirements for large cargo dimensioning met?

= Fully = Partially = No
Load Factor Solution

With the
load factor solution you increase your freight space and network utilization.

Trucks on the road have an average load factor of 70%. This means, that 30% of the truck space is empty. Increasing the load factor of trucks significantly reduces cost and directly increases profit.

The solution can be used to capture the utilization of any type of freight space (e.g. trucks, Unit Loading Devices - ULDs).

It supports the mobile capturing of load factors anytime by drivers or warehouse operators.

Follow below process steps to understand, how the digital tools supported process works:

Deposit Image
Deposit Image

Capture the freight space ID
(manual entry or ID scan)

Choose the freight space type
(focus on trucks, can also be used for ULDs, etc.)

Capture the load factor of the freight space
(with the DimCheck mobile dimensioning tool)

Document capacity usage with pictures
and/or comments

Access and analyze data -
load factors, pictures, comments
(in the DimCheck Analysis Suite)

Take action and increase your freight space
and network utilization

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